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As an outcome of the visit of TU Berlin’s Postgraduate International Course in Urban Management to Cairo and their research assignment on strategies for improving informal areas in Greater Cairo, the final report “Improving Informal Areas in Greater Cairo” has now been released. The study which was supported by the Participatory Development Programme in Urban […]

The Studienkreis für Tourismus und Entwicklung e.V. publishes the SympathieMagazin which is a special type of travel guide containing short articles on complex topics offering the reader new perspectives on different countries, foreign cultures and religions. The PDP contributed to the SymapthieMagazin on Egypt “Ägypten verstehen” with an article on trust building through participation. The […]

The Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry e. V. (Ghorfa) has published an article on PDP’s activities in Manshiet Nasser in the 2010 Arab-German Yearbook. In the article called “Improving the Living Conditions of the Poor in Manshiet Nasser” the three authors Mandana Bahrinipour, Andreas Holtkotte (both KfW Entwicklungsbank) and Bernd Bauerfeld (Dorsch Gruppe) give a […]

This book on “Participatory Upgrading of Informal Areas: A Decision-makers’ Guide for Action” presents the model of participatory upgrading and how to apply it. It aims to simplify the complex issue of participatory upgrading drawing on Egypt’s experience. The guidelines mainly target decisions-makers involved in upgrading informal areas, and more widely in local development. Among […]

The movie, first published on the website http://www.germany-wuf.de/ which is launched by the German Government in the context of the World Urban Forum 5 , presents in brief the objective, appraoch and impact of the Participatory Development Programme in Urban Areas. [flv:/wp-content/uploads/video/WUF5.flv 480 280]

In 2009, the PDP started introducing the approach of Participatory Needs Assessment (PNA) in the Governorate of Qalyubeya with regard to providing a participatory base for the upgrading and development of an informal area called Khosoos. With the support of the Governor, the PDP initiated its activities on the local level in the district and […]

The October-November 2009 edition of Cairo-based “MAGAZ-Magazine” featured a review of PDP’s recently-published book “Cairo’s Informal Areas: Between Urban Challenges and Hidden Potentials” in both English and Arabic. Download: MAGAZ book review: Cairo’s Informal Areas

The PDP has released the publication “Cairo’s Informal Areas Between Urban Challenges and Hidden Potentials. Facts. Voices. Visions.” Published in July 2009, the book provides a comprehensive look at development in the informal areas of Greater Cairo, Egypt. It combines academic and journalistic articles, interviews and speeches as well as photographs by photojournalist Claudia Wiens […]

The latest manual “Sharing Available Information through GIS” published by the PDP in 2009 explains in simple steps how to share accurate information about a local area among all stakeholders involved in participatory urban development through the simple interactive information base called Geographic Information System (GIS). Guided through the manual along sets of questions, the […]

A manual published by PDP in 2008 explains how support for local community initiatives can foster participatory development in informal areas and lead to sustainable improvements in living conditions. The manual outlines how to plan, manage and support local initiatives; how to identify and involve NGOs, local actors and the local administration; how to implement […]

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