Where we work

PDP currently works in the Governorates of Cairo, Giza and Qalyubeya in the Greater Cairo Region (GRC). The target areas were selected in close collaboration with the Urban Upgrading Units (UUUs) in the three governorates, which selected these informal neighbourhoods due to the specific development challenges they face. Basic criteria for selection were the informal or unplanned nature of the area, its delimitation by natural boundaries and the existence of one district authority per chosen target area.

According to the PDP’s three-level-approach, the development measure works at the national, governorate and district level. At the district level, the PDP demonstrates how participatory planning methods can improve the living conditions of the urban poor in Cairo’s informal areas.

PDP develops, tests and institutionalises inclusive urban management procedures and builds the capacity of local community members to increase their ability to meaningfully participate in the planning process through a range of activities. All stakeholders are allocated roles and responsibilities to allow consensual, inclusive progress towards an area’s development. The stakeholders include each area’s residents, NGOs operating in the area, local governmental agencies including the Local Popular Council (a locally elected resident body working in parallel with the local administration) and representatives from the private sector.

In Giza Governorate:


In Cairo Governorate:


In Qalyubia Governorate:

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