Report: “Improving Informal Areas in Greater Cairo” by TU Berlin
October 27, 2010 in Publications

Cover page_TU Berlin Study
As an outcome of the visit of TU Berlin’s Postgraduate International Course in Urban Management to Cairo and their research assignment on strategies for improving informal areas in Greater Cairo, the final report “Improving Informal Areas in Greater Cairo” has now been released. The study which was supported by the Participatory Development Programme in Urban Areas (PDP) focuses on two informal areas, Ezzbet el-Nasr (Governorate of Cairo) and Dayer el-Nahia (Governorate of Giza). The results of the study have also been presented to the Governors of Cairo and Giza who acknowledged the students’ work and promised to consider their proposals for the development of these areas.

Download: “Improving Informal Areas in Greater Cairo. The Cases of Ezzbet Al Nasr and Dayer El Nahia”

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