Four Local Area Dialogue Committees created!
June 10, 2013 in NEWS

Four Local Area Dialogue Committees (LADCs) have been created following community elections in Ain Shams and Ezbet el-Nasr in Cairo, Markaz El-Abhath/ Warraq and Masaken Geziret El-Dahab in Giza.

The photo presents the selected members of LADC in Geziret El Dahab area with PDP staff and UUU Staff. Elected members were excited after the community gave their voices for them to be the better represented in society.

The committees will be responsible for monitoring and following up on community needs. They represent the community when it comes to interactions with the programme.

Community meetings were held to form LADCs in each area. Each candidate had the chance to introduce and speak about themselves and the activities they had been involved in, followed by elections and vote counting. That process took place after an initial presentation on LADC roles and objectives. Attendees interested in joining the Committee nominated themselves according to different community groups. In all four areas the evening ended successfully with the formation of an LADC.

“Becoming a member of the LADC was a great experience for me. I am grateful to GIZ for providing such an opportunity for me as a woman to participate in developing my community” said Soad El Sawy, a community volunteer and now a LADC member in Ain Shams.

Each LADC comprises of 20 members, representing NGOs, community services such as (schools, youth centres and hospitals), business people, elected local council members, community leaders, as well as any other residents interested in developing their community.

“The LADCs will act as a community voice in communicating both from the people their needs and aspirations and to the people information about community development progress” said Michael Heathcote, PDP Fund Manager.

The selection process will be repeated every year.

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