Monthly Archives: October 2016

Finance and Procurement Training Workshop

Under the Grants scheme activities implemented by the Participatory Development Program in Urban Areas (PDP) and in line with the Direct Awards Grant Contract signed with Qalyubeya Governorate. PDP conducted a 10 days training workshop titled “Finance and Procurement Training Workshop” during the period from August 27th till September 6th 2016 at Egypt’s Public Library in Banha city. The training was attended by the Governorate’s top management, head of relevant departments such as accounting, financial control, contracting and procurement departments. The training addressed several important topics including budgeting, financial reports, internal control requirements, procurement procedures, governmental accounting and other essential topics designed to familiarize the targeted group with the EU / GIZ procedures and templates used in implementing the grant activities. At the end of the training workshop, the trainees have shown their content with the delivered training topics, material and the trainer’s efficiency.

It’s worth mentioning that this grant targets three areas in the Qalyubeya Governorate; Qalyub, El Khosoos and Shubra El Kheima.