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PDP’s Presentation on the International Symposium on Exchanging Global and Egyptian Experiences in Deal with Informal Areas

International Symposium on Dealing with Informal Areas 2008

The International Symposium on “Exchanging Global and Egyptian Experiences in Dealing with Informal Areas within the Wider Urban Management Context” was held by the Participatory Development Programme (PDP) of the GIZ and several Egyptian partners in Cairo from 14th to 15th October 2008.

On behalf of the PDP, Dr. Khaled Abdelhalim was giving a comprehensive presentation on PDP’s experiences in advising decision-makers on the local, regional and national level on how to upgrade informal areas. The presentation highlights the responsibilities of the district, governorate and ministerial level and shows instruments to be applied for dealing with informal areas on each level.

Download: PDP Presentation Symposium 2008