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German Delegation visit to Qalyubeya Governorate, Khanka and Khosoos Cities


On Monday, July 28th, 2015, Mr Christoph Retslaff, Chargé d’affaires German Embassy; Mr Sebastian Lesch, Counsellor and Head of German Development Cooperation, accompanied by Dr. Guenther Wehenpohl, PDP Programme Coordinator visited the Integrated Resource Recycling Center (IRRC) in Khanka City and the Transfer Station in Khosoos City which are two of the main outputs of the programme. The PDP continues to follow up on the sustainability and impact of its component on solid waste management (Integrated Community Based Solid Waste Management in Qalyubeya Governorate) which was finalized in December 2014.

The Ministry of Urban Renewal and Informal Settlements (MURIS), PDP’s political partner, was represented in this visit by Dr. Maha Bashir, Head of Solid Waste Sector; and Mr. Ahmed Badawy from the same sector. In addition, Mr. Mohammed Talaat Head of Qalyubeya Urban Upgrading Unit and representative of the Governor, along with Mrs. Nagwa Alashry, Head of El Khanka City Council participated in the visit. The visit started with an informative tour of the IRRC in Khanka City, where the German Delegates received a presentation on the different stages of solid waste sorting and processing at the facility by the operating engineer and Ms. Heba Behairy Head of Component – PDP. Mr. Talaat expressed the Governor’s appreciation for PDP’s efforts in establishing the IRRC.

The delegation then visited Khosoos Transfer Station and received a very warm welcome by the following stakeholders: Mr. Abedl Rahim Taha, Head of the City Council, Station’s Operators, and Mr. Hassan Mahmoud Head of the Friends of Environment NGO established by the support of PDP to assist the informal waste operators to formalize their work. A group of beneficiaries from the informal waste collectors that received tricycles from the PDP to support their collection efforts and enhance their living and working conditions were present and welcomed the German Delegation as well. Additionally, a number of formalized informal garbage collectors, currently contracted by Khosoos City Council, also spoke about their positive experience with the PDP during the formalization process.


IRRC Operating Engineer explaining different stages of sorting and processing solid waste.

Dr. Guenther Wehenpohl and Ms. Heba Behairy provided a short presentation on the operations of the Transfer Station, including its positive impacts in raising the efficiency of waste collection in Khosoos City. Additionally, they explained how the Transfer Station contributes to improving the living and working conditions of the informal waste collectors and recyclers. It is worth noting that due to the success of this programme, Mr. Talaat urged Dr. Guenther during this visit for further cooperation and support by PDP in this regard.


Dr. Guenther Wehenpohl and Ms. Heba Behairy provided a short presentation on the operations of the Transfer Station

This visit has confirmed PDP’s fulfillment of its programme objectives, through the
“3Rs Approach” (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) constituting the guiding principle of PDP’s work in the area of waste management, stressing the value of waste as a resource rather than focusing exclusively on waste collection and waste disposal. This value chain approach to waste management that puts an emphasis on composting and recycling contributes to the preservation of scarce resources and help to reduce greenhouse gases.

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