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Celebrating World Environment Day in Khosoos


An environmental awareness campaign was organised in Khosoos last week to mark World Environment Day. Awareness activities, such as cleaning the streets around the schools, planting trees, and painting school walls took place. At the end of the day there was an awareness session for all the community members about World Environment Day.



The purpose of the campaign was to create awareness and involve the local community in activities to improve the living and environmental conditions in Khosoos. 25 students from the area participated in the event, all of them “Environmental Guards” who have been trained by the Participatory Development Programme in Urban Areas (PDP) to take care of the environment inside their schools.

“We need to teach young people about hygiene so when they grow up they make sure their neighbourhoods are clean. Hygiene is very important to life”, said Ahlam Abdel-Meguid Mohamed, a 12-years old student and environmental guard at Khosoos Primary School.

The event was organised by the solid waste management component of the PDP in cooperation with the city council and the NGO “Friends of the Environment”. The city council and Friends of the Environment contributed with vehicles to collect the garbage, workers and soil for the garden that was planted outside the school complex. Among the attendees was also Khosoos city chief Abdel-Barah Hasheesh.

The PDP’s Solid Waste Management (SWM) activities focus on establishing an integrated and community-based solid waste management system in two cities in Qalyubya: Khosoos and Khanka. The aim is to recover valuable resources that exist in waste, by building sustainable and environmentally sound methods for composting and recycling.

PDP Coordinator and SWM Manager Dr. Günther Wehenpohl said: “Our aim is to build trust among different actors in the solid waste management system, while at same time improving environmental conditions for people living in Khosoos.”

The PDP is an Egyptian-German development programme implemented by the Ministry of Planning (MOP) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. Its aim is to enhance the living conditions for the poor urban population of Greater Cairo.

PDP targets the Greater Cairo Region where 60% of the people live in unplanned, densely populated areas that lack basic services and social infrastructure, and are suffering from environmental pollution.


More information about the Participatory Development Programme can be found on:

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Four Local Area Dialogue Committees created!

Four Local Area Dialogue Committees (LADCs) have been created following community elections in Ain Shams and Ezbet el-Nasr in Cairo, Markaz El-Abhath/ Warraq and Masaken Geziret El-Dahab in Giza.

The photo presents the selected members of LADC in Geziret El Dahab area with PDP staff and UUU Staff. Elected members were excited after the community gave their voices for them to be the better represented in society.

The committees will be responsible for monitoring and following up on community needs. They represent the community when it comes to interactions with the programme.

Community meetings were held to form LADCs in each area. Each candidate had the chance to introduce and speak about themselves and the activities they had been involved in, followed by elections and vote counting. That process took place after an initial presentation on LADC roles and objectives. Attendees interested in joining the Committee nominated themselves according to different community groups. In all four areas the evening ended successfully with the formation of an LADC.

“Becoming a member of the LADC was a great experience for me. I am grateful to GIZ for providing such an opportunity for me as a woman to participate in developing my community” said Soad El Sawy, a community volunteer and now a LADC member in Ain Shams.

Each LADC comprises of 20 members, representing NGOs, community services such as (schools, youth centres and hospitals), business people, elected local council members, community leaders, as well as any other residents interested in developing their community.

“The LADCs will act as a community voice in communicating both from the people their needs and aspirations and to the people information about community development progress” said Michael Heathcote, PDP Fund Manager.

The selection process will be repeated every year.