The Maghreb/Mashrek Council, the EU Delegation and PDP visit Geziret El Dahab Youth Centre in Giza
December 9, 2013 in NEWS

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Council group from the EU Council made of representatives from all the Member States visited Egypt for two days in early December. They made a visit to a PDP informal area to see the challenges faced by the many communities living in informal areas in Greater Cairo Region.

On 3 December the group of 35 visitors together with representatives from the EU Delegation and PDP visited Geziret El Dahab in Giza to visit the youth centre recently upgraded by GIZ. The Group, led by Mr. Reinhold Brender, Deputy Head of EU Delegation in Cairo were able to visit the upgraded library, see the enhanced sports facility and also hear from youth representatives who sit on the local area dialogue committee which was established through the PDP

*The Maghreb is made up of three North African countries: Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia. The Mashreq comprises four eastern Mediterranean states: Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

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