First project targeting Climate Change Adaptation in Egypt’s urban areas started
April 3, 2013 in NEWS

Recent weeks have witnessed the start of a new stage for the Climate Change Adaptation Component of the Participatory Development Programme in Urban Areas (PDP) – Egypt’s first intervention to focus specifically on the effects of climate change on urban areas.

Plan+Risk Consult from Dortmund visited Cairo to kick off their study on the effects of climate change on informal areas in Greater Cairo. The trip involved visits to the PDP’s target areas Greater Cairo as well as first interviews with key stakeholders. Interviews with local residents as well as relevant authorities will take place over the coming weeks.

Despite the fact that there has not yet been any comprehensive assessment which addresses the impact of climate change on Cairo’s informal areas in particular, it is certain that inhabitants will be affected by the consequences of climate change, e.g. in the areas of food security, health, etc.

To address these challenges, the PDP has since 2011 incorporated the new component Climate Change Adaption and Urban Resilience in its portfolio. Its objective is to promote resilient communities and their efforts to adapt to the changing climate conditions. This will be achieved through, e.g. development of a participatory and community-based adaptation strategy for informal areas by collaborating with relevant authorities, such as the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) and the General Organization of Physical Planning (GOPP), local residents and civil society to identify strategies and measures to cope with on-going climate challenges.

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