Capacity Development

Through Capacity Development, PDP is able to support its stakeholders in developing internal capacities in order to achieve their objectives and to sustain themselves as well as the project’s benefits in the long term.

PDP’s Capacity Building efforts contribute to reducing inefficiencies and increasing sustainability: when skills and knowledge are being anchored among the stakeholders, they are empowered to create their own development in the future.

PDP works with several institutions and persons to build not only organisational but also individual capacities via workshops and trainings to participate in the urban development process. Efforts are being rendered on all administrative levels.

On the local level, for instance, PDP assists civil society organisations in strengthening their capacities in order to apply for a grant scheme for small-scale projects. The support emphasises skills needed for project management, accessing additional funds, planning for for small-scale interventions but also in monitoring tasks. In addition, PDP provides training to the Urban Upgrading Units on the usage of Geographic Information System (GIS) techniques.

Capacity Development on the national level aims at strengthening the ministries’ effectiveness in realising the desired broad impacts of policies and plans.

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