Adding a bit of green to Masaken Gezeret El-Dahab
November 29, 2016 in General, NEWS

With respect to the architectural measures incorporated in the climate change adaptation strategy of the Participatory Development Programme (PDP), the Cities and Climate Change component (C2) in partnership with The Research Institute for a Sustainable Environment (RISE) and Cairo Lab for Urban Studies, Training and Environmental Research (Cluster), has implemented a rooftop farm on one of the buildings in “Hassan Abdel Wahed” Street. It is hoped that this pilot project would act as a catalyst in spreading out the idea of rooftop farming in the area.

Architectural measures included plastering and painting of building façades in an informal settlement to contribute to its adaptive capacity towards intense climate conditions. A rooftop farm was also an important part of this project that aims to further yield environmental and socio-economic benefits to the residents. Having a strong socio-economic implication, contributing to income generation and reducing vulnerability to price hikes, rooftop farming greatly contributes to reducing temperatures through impacting the microclimate, while providing a recreational space for the local residents. Based on consultations with the building owner, the project partners designed and implemented the rooftop farm, planting eggplants, strawberries, cabbage, arugula, jasmine, mint, and rosemary.




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