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The fifth meeting of the Advisory Board on Climate Change in Cities (AB-CCC) took place on Thursday, January 21, 2016 and held in Cairo House (cultural, educational center of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency “EEAA”). The meeting was organized by EEAA in cooperation with PDP and was attended by representatives from EEAA, PDP and different […]

On Tuesday, November 24, the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) in cooperation with the Climate Change Component of the Participatory Development Programme in Urban Areas (PDP) organized the 4th Advisory Board for Climate Change in Cities (AB-CCC) in order to discuss the potentials and limitations of developing an Early Warning System for extreme weather events. The […]

The overall objective of the 3CfP is to enhance the living conditions of the poor urban population living in five deprived informal areas through improved socio-economic conditions increased service delivery and enhanced environmental protection. The five target areas of the 3CfP are: El-Matareya (in Cairo Governorate), Boulaq El Dakrour (in Giza Governorate) and Qalyub, Shubra […]

The Participatory Development Programme in Urban Areas, under the auspices of Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Development (MoHUUD), held its 6th Steering Committee Meeting. Representatives from six other Ministries and the three Governorates of Cairo, Giza and Qalyubeya attended the meeting on Nov 19th 2015 . The EU Delegation was represented by Mr Stephane David, […]

Social entrepreneurship, undoubtedly, plays a key role as a driving engine for economic and social development in local communities, especially in informal areas in Greater Cairo. Yet getting the necessary funding for these projects, particularly in its early stages, is the first major obstacle facing young entrepreneurs. Hence, this workshop on “Social Entrepreneurship: the Traditional […]

“Zamzam Soliman“, a young lady less than 30-year old, joyfully participated with 300 young men and women of similar age in a large celebration organized by “Think and Do Development Foundation”. Under “No for Unemployment“ slogan, Zamzam told her success story against unemployment and poverty by practising a profession to provide for herself. She said […]

Two grants contracts were signed with two governorates, Cairo and Giza,as eligible legalised entities capable of effecting major positive changes for developing informal areas infrastructure. Thus, the two grants contracts signed with both governorates were for the implementation of small scale infrastructure improvements. In the same context and in line with supporting civil society organisations, […]

Mr Christoph Retslaff, Chargé d’affaires German Embassy; Mr Sebastian Lesch, Counsellor and Head of German Development Cooperation, accompanied by Dr. Guenther Wehenpohl, PDP Programme Coordinator visited the Integrated Resource Recycling Center (IRRC) in Khanka City….

On Tuesday, May 05, the Climate Change Component of the Participatory Development Programme in Urban Areas (PDP) organized the 2nd Stakeholder Workshop in combination with the 3rd Advisory Board for Climate Change in Cities (AB-CCC)

Dr. Wehenpohl started his word stating that we have to improve the physical situation in the informal areas as we are all working on behalf of the people living there. Dr. Wehenpohl stated also…..

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